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Wrinkle Relaxers in Roseville, CA

A wrinkle relaxer is a noninvasive cosmetic treatment utilized to treat fine lines and creases that form due to repeated muscle contractions. It can work to diminish signs of aging, such as forehead wrinkles, Crow's feet near the eyes, and "11" lines in between the brows. Wrinkle relaxers utilize a special strain of botulinum toxin type A that temporarily limits facial muscle contractions. As time passes, the appearance of wrinkles decreases while the skin has a chance to heal and refresh itself on its own. At Gemini Health & Wellness, we offer several brands of wrinkle relaxers, including BOTOX®, XEOMIN®, and DAXXIFY®, to help meet your personal concerns. Our team is extensively experienced in producing radiant outcomes with wrinkle relaxer injections at our Roseville, CA practice.

During your thorough consultation at our Roseville, CA practice, our team will review which wrinkle relaxer product is best for you and your aesthetic goals. We perform wrinkle relaxer treatments as an in-office service that can be done during the same visit as your initial visit. You may be instructed to create several facial expressions involving the upper face. This helps us deliver the injections in the correct area. First, we cleanse the skin, mark the treatment sites, and use a fine syringe to deliver the injections. We use a cold compress immediately after injections to minimize tenderness and bruising. Based on the selected formula and amount of injections, your treatment might take close to 10 – 15 minutes, after which you can resume your standard routine.

Furrows and creases on your forehead and between your eyes may cause you to look older than you are. Wrinkle relaxers are utilized to soften the look of such concerns by temporarily limiting your capacity to change facial movements. A wrinkle relaxer injection at Gemini Health & Wellness provides additional advantages for Roseville, CA patients, including:

  • Outcomes are natural-looking and can remain for as long as 3 – 4 months
  • Providing a newly rejuvenated appearance
  • Temporarily halting potential lines
  • Quick, noninvasive technique
  • Minimizing forehead lines, Crow's feet, and frown lines between the eyes
  • No recovery time needed following your appointment

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At Gemini Health & Wellness, our team is pleased to offer aesthetic wrinkle relaxer treatments to provide patients with a renewed appearance without invasive surgery or recovery time. Our staff can listen to your aesthetic concerns and suggest the best wrinkle relaxer compound for your desired outcomes. We urge you to get in touch with our Roseville, CA practice to set up your consultation today.

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